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Jun 25, 2019

It’s every real estate investors worst nightmare to have a buyer walk away from a deal just moments before its going to close, but could you imagine it happening twice on the same deal when there is literally MILLIONS on the line??

Today Michael Bredthauer interviews with good friend and fellow investor Jim Huntzicker to talk about an INCREDIBLE journey on a deal that most investors would have run screaming from!

We’re talking about a 7 figure profit real estate transaction that came from simply networking and creating creative strategies. 

That’s right...I said 7 figure PROFIT, $1,000,000 in gross profits…

And this was a deal that other investors had seen but just not seen the opportunity right in front of them!

Take virtual real estate investing to the next level by being innovative with how you structure your entire process, even use Jim as a resource to close on a few opportunities you have that others have passed on!


Todays Book Recommendation:

Tools of Titans -


Learn why its SO important to vet out your buyers and how Jim might be able to help fund that next opportunity.


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