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Jun 18, 2019

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The note business is a truly virtual business, Larry & Marishka have note assets all over the place and have never seen any them.

Be smart when structuring your exit strategies How to manage your risk and develop multiple exit strategies when investing with notes.

What is happening in the market right now that has peaked the interest of successful note investor and what you should be paying attention to.

Even though the subprime loans have disappeared from the marketplace, they still come up when investing as opportunities.

Become a “Deal Architect” and create win-win solutions for your note opportunities, what are some of the different methods you can use to put these deals together.

Why seller financing is such a great option for note investing, but what is the Dodd Frank and how to document and protect yourself correctly.

If you’re not holding these notes, who are you selling them to? Why are investors with any amount of money are so interested in the assets you have to sell.

Take a non-performing notes, get it performing, and dramatically increase its value!

What is involved with a note transaction? Who do you need and what type of documentation will you use?

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