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Jun 4, 2019

Messaging, connecting, reaching out and getting your foot in the door with the right people!

What happens when you decide you work with Asset Managers to get the deeply discounted off-market properties?

Where do you even start looking for an Asset Manager to connect with?

Let’s dive a little further into the connection process and see what it looks like when you start to make connections.

What would you do if you could get a few properties at $0.50 on the dollar, do you think you could find a buyer and QUICKLY wholesale them for $0.60 on the dollar, make a FAST $10K-$20K profit, and create a winning situation that keeps them coming back with all their friends?


Get your questions answered:

  • What if they ask you to sign an NDA/NCND?
  • What if they want a POF?
  • What if there is a deed restriction?

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We are going to CONTINUE the momentum of this train and keep bringing you insights and training tips on connecting with Asset Managers and getting these AWESOME deals!

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