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Mar 24, 2020

How is the current market affecting the Real Estate Trends and how do you stay on top of what’s ahead?

Everyone’s FREAKING OUT over the recent pandemic and there is so much uncertainty in what’s going to happen!

With the COVID-19 “Coronavirus” what has the impact been for real estate investors regarding buyers and sellers? Can real estate investors survive when everyone has been ordered to sit in place?

Learn some of the adjustments “Uncle Karl” has made to avoid taking any losses in these uncertain times and how he finds deals that others can’t seem to structure like purchasing a partition equity and still making $60K plus in profits!

Find out what are the creative real estate strategies you’ve never heard of and should be implementing right now! You’re going to hear about a deal involving a Goat Farm that will knock your socks off!

How can you still help homeowners struggling to find answers with what’s going on with their property and their future? There is a lot you can be doing to help people from losing their homes and still make profitable deals!


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The Black Swan


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