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Feb 26, 2020

Jason Lucchesi speaks with Phillip Vincent is a real estate investor who buys single family homes and turned single living facilities into his number one lead resource.

Help the senior living community become more profitable, helping the family in the most stressful time of their life, and the investor who is looking for the perfect lead (Massive Motivation and 100% Equity)

Find out why are realtors more harmful than helpful when compared to an investor providing a solution to the family.

Learn how you approach these senior living facilities, become an Elder Care Advisor and show them how you will solve their problems, you will become their best friend!

Everyone feels bad when they have to put mom or dad in a facility, getting the best options as simply as possible is a MUST for the children or whomever is taking care of the seniors. In this episode Phillip and Jason break down how you create WIN-WIN-WIN solutions that provides real help for those in need!

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