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Apr 30, 2019

Who sells more asset in a distressed situation over and over??


What happens when banks get these assets in their books and what do they do to get rid of them?

Jason Lucchesi and Brecht Palombo talk about the lists of properties you can find from banks and why they bring in such HUGE spreads!

Learn more about what...

Apr 23, 2019

The days of onesie-twosie deals are a thing of the past when you can BUY IN BULK!

Jerome has been investing for a number of years in a very competitive market and was getting tired of trying to survive on the one-off deals that all the investors were chasing in Texas. (Or any market for that matter)

Why would an Asset...

Apr 16, 2019

Have you wanted to learn more about investing in rental properties but not sure where to begin?

Jason Lucchesi brings Dustin Heiner to the No Flipping Excuses show to talk about how he was able to quit his job through building a huge rental portfolio.

Real Estate Investing is about creating a lifestyle business, where...

Apr 9, 2019

What happens when you’re talking to sellers who have been getting calls from tons of other investors?

Learn how to fine tune your business and set yourself apart in your marketplace!

Larry is in a HIGHLY competitive market, find out what he does to stand out against other investors in the Texas area.

What sort of skip...

Apr 2, 2019

A well known American street ball player who started his claim to fame with his crazy basketball skills during the AND1 mixtape tour.

What most people don’t know is he had the carpet pulled out from under him at one point in his life and he was back to broke, selling off his AND1 Jerseys just to make ends meet.