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Sep 25, 2019

Today’s interview was between Jason Lucchesi and Peter Vekselman and they are going to talk a little bit about how you can start generating revenue in Real Estate.

Rehabs have the biggest profit margins, they hedge against market fluctuations, and are one of the biggest opportunities according to one investor who has been doing it through several market cycles.

What types of marketing are working in the real estate space for getting the best rehab deals? If Direct Mail isn’t working then what is?

What does one investor do when it becomes harder to find deals, where do you start looking and how do you reach those potential sellers? 

Why is it so important to get directly to the owner by any means you can, how can someone just getting started to take advantage of this to grab some profitable deals? What are some of the mistakes new investors make with their pipeline?

Where do you need to dedicate the majority of your time? Why do you need to focus 85% - 95% of your time on marketing?

Why does Peter believe Absentee Homeowners are the best “overall” niche when building a business and how should you be looking at the different lead sources.

Why is TIME the BIGGEST contributor to building your pipeline and relationships with potential sellers.

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