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Sep 25, 2019

Today Michael Bredthauer interviews with Ty Crandall to Bust some Myths about business credit.

Ty is the CEO at  CREDIT SUITE - Helping businesses properly build their credit

What exactly is business credit (Corporate Credit)? What is it used for and how do you build it? 

How does a Real Estate Investor get started building their business credit?

Have you ever felt like only the “Big” businesses can apply for the necessary credit? What is the big myth behind this belief? 

Not everyone is an attorney, what are some things you should know when building your business and credit?

How fast can someone who is just starting out with no business background get to the tier of credit where you can get the NECESSARY credit? What are the transisitions you should expect along the way?

Listen to a few credit card HACKS that you should know when picking out credit cards and where they report to BEFORE you make any financial decisions in your buisness!

Ty has a story about this that will absolutely BLOW your mind! 

Develop your credit profile in places that are VITAL to your business and provide valuable REWARDS that work in favor of your business.

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