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Jul 16, 2019

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Most of us know about assisted living, but did you know you could cashflow up to $4,000 a month…


Create a Win-Win solution for you and the person who is looking for a better option than the current traditional places we all know.

Jason Lucchesi brings Emmanuel Guarino of Residential Assisted Living Academy to talk about how you can earn cash flow from assisted living in a residential setting!

Did you know $4000 a month is the national average PER UNIT?? Believe it or not, that's why residents find it so attractive!


Imagine being able to help someone AND bring in a solid income stream, sounds pretty good doesn’t it?


In today's episode…


👉 Find out why these homes are so desirable for residents (Ill give you one hint: imagine living in a facility with over 100 residents and only 3 staff)

👉 Where do you look for these types of homes and what types of homes should you be looking for to earn this type of passive income (Stay just a little bit above average)

👉 What are some of the scary keypoints that keeps the competition out and helps you in a BIG way


Book recommendations:

📘 How to win friends and influence people

📘 Outwitting the Devil

👉 What to look for getting started (VERY IMPORTANT)

👉 Why are the Assisted Living Homes more desirable for both you and the people that get to live in them.

👉 What type of insurance would be recommended when using these investing strategy 

👉 What are some of the roadblocks investors fear with these types of investments and how most of them are easily debunked by looking at the facts


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