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Jul 9, 2019

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Have you been too busy working in your business to start on new strategies and tasks that will grow your business?

Scaling your business is a problem most new entrepreneurs face and often leads to the downfall of most new ventures. 

As CEO your one goal should be to fire yourself and have the business keep moving without you.

How do you gain the forward momentum on the flywheel of your business so you can back away and focus on that next step.

How to track productivity using tools that are available to most of us but are not used properly.


Today’s Book Recommendations:

Extreme Ownership

The One Thing

Good to Great

The 1-Page Marketing Plan


As yourself the important question “If you want to double your business, what’s missing right now?” 

Ask us a question for the show

Follow the simple exercise given by our special guest Franklin Cruz - Write down 3 things that you need to get done that correlate with your quarterly goal on a daily basis.

What is the definition of a TRUE entrepreneur and how can you become one with your real estate investing business. 


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