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May 28, 2019

It’s not about getting the off-market leads, it’s about the process of what you do with those leads.

Todays guest Jason Palliser, creator of REI Blackbook and a lead generation specialist with 28 different wants to get after off-market deals FIRST at budget you wouldn’t believe possible!

He will talk about two simple strategies you can do right now to get leads that will convert (one of these is going to blow you away)

What processes does Jason recommend following with these strategies to attack them like a pro and stand out against the other investors who end up giving up after little to no results.

What is the “Seller Waltz” and how is it getting people to say “yes”? (Why should you ALWAYS set the appointment)

Jason - “You will have the best relationship with the seller, whether you buy the property or not.” (Offering them more ways to strike a deal than anyone on earth)

How do you take that difference in price between you and the seller the most investors will never think ok?


Two strategies don’t even require you to have the property under contract!


Book Recommendations

📕- 7 Habits of Highly Effective People -


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