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Apr 30, 2019

Who sells more asset in a distressed situation over and over??


What happens when banks get these assets in their books and what do they do to get rid of them?

Jason Lucchesi and Brecht Palombo talk about the lists of properties you can find from banks and why they bring in such HUGE spreads!

Learn more about what the market is showing and how it directly relates to what types of assets that might come available!

Don’t be intimidated by the bank, they have a MASSIVE desire to sell these properties off FAST!

Don’t be left in the dark, find out whey they WANT to sell them to investors rather than listing them with a real estate agent!

This is a strategy that will change the way you do business, connecting with Asset Managers from these Banks, Hedge Funds, and Credit Unions will bring you an inventory of properties most investors only DREAM about!


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