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Apr 23, 2019

The days of onesie-twosie deals are a thing of the past when you can BUY IN BULK!

Jerome has been investing for a number of years in a very competitive market and was getting tired of trying to survive on the one-off deals that all the investors were chasing in Texas. (Or any market for that matter)

Why would an Asset Managers even WANT to send him their lists of available assets and sell them at a discount?

What kept Jerome from going after bulk packages before now?

What is Jerome doing differently and how did he make that transition to start working with banks and hedge funds?

His reaction to getting his first lists of almost 300 properties has completely changed his business goal to increase volume and close 200-300 properties PER MONTH!

What advice would Jerome give to another investor who was in the same shoes to have Asset Managers send him properties and THANK HIM for reaching out??


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