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Feb 12, 2019

From Wall Street to Real Estate Investing, Jamel Gibbs tells his tips and tricks to get a real estate investing business for the very beginner!

Jamel graduated high school and went straight to Wall Street where he learned what it would take to build a real business and how much work it would take to make it grow!

Worked as a cold caller until 9/11, where within 2 weeks of one of the greatest national disasters, the office was closed down and he was out of a job.

If you want to become successful, find someone who is successfully doing it, then copy & paste what they are doing in your own business!

What is the important lesson he learned from having mentors and becoming a mentor that you NEED to know about?

Hear the major lesson he learned from working with his first private money lender and how can this AMAZING story help you build ROCK SOLID relationships!


Today’s book recommendations:

📕 The Richest Man in Babylon -

📗 Sam Walton Made in America -

📘 The Power of Broke -



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