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Feb 5, 2019

Are you just starting out in real estate and you need to build up monthly cash-flow fast?

Have you wanted to walk away from an “Enterprise Business” and work more in a “Lifestyle Business”?

Jason Lucchesi and Larry Goins are going to talk about using the seller financing option to find “homeowners in training” and build up your monthly cash-flow on low risk investments!

Larry bought his first house in 1986 with an FHA assumable mortgage and has done pretty much everything in real estate since, but today he is just focusing on a few key elements that he will talk about!

What you will learn:

  • What is seller financing
  • How a beginner would get started with this strategy
  • What is the Dodd Frank and how does it affect me
  • What happens when a buyer misses a payment
  • And so much more…

Real Estate investing is not risky, being uneducated is risky, and education without application is irrelevant so join us on todays show and learn from real investors who are employing real strategies!


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