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Nov 27, 2019

Brian got his real estate license to get things started back when short sales were taking off, didn’t have the money to do the traditional marketing and had to be crafty with his strategy with the deals other agents and investors were staying away from.

Jason Lucchesi and Brian talk about the current market conditions and how his strategy has both changed and stayed the same. What are some of the indicators and causes to properties that fall into distressed situations.

Learn more about what a short sale is and how it works as an investor seeking an investment opportunity. What are some of the criteria you should be looking for when acquiring a short sale deal? What are some of the important factors you need to follow when marketing to and working with short sales? What about disclosures?

No direct mail?! Find out a little more about how Brian uses a referral system to avoid spending thousands on mailers and still filling up his pipeline. How to cherry pick deals and present the evidence to the bank to get the right deals short sale approved.


Book Recommendations:

Can’t Hurt Me

Pitch Anything


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