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Oct 16, 2019

Who's ready for episode 100??

Let's talk about wholesaling, why is it a good strategy for someone who is just starting out?

Jason Lucchesi and Jason Palliser are going to break down wholesaling real estate for the EXTREME beginner so you can get started RIGHT NOW!

You don't have to be the one who gets a bank loan or is making the trips to Home Depot and you can have a solid income stream coming in

Zero risk on your end, outside of wasting your time if you're not doing it right (No exposure)

It doesn't take much experience to start out, why is it so important for a new investor to put extra time  in cultivating that buyers list

What can you do to EASILY find cash buyers leveraging investors who are already doing the business? (So many different ways to build this up)

Why Bandit Signs can be very helpful to a new investor, use Facebook and Linkedin for additional resources for FREE

What a new investor needs to know about putting together the numbers, how you can reach out to some local realtors and what to say so you can get better insights into an area, 65-75% ARV is average but you need to get the inside knowledge

What are the necessary team members to have on your real estate team? Why are they so important and who can you put on hold until you grow your business?

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